EAPC21 Industry Service Center

Conditions of Participation

In order to optimise the congress organization for both parties we kindly ask you to complete the preceding forms in full and take note of the following:

1.  General information
With the submission of a signed order, your agreement is regarded as binding and forms the basis for the contractual relationship. Cancellation of your registration may incur additional expenses (see General Terms and Conditions §10). The services will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and/or according to a specific agreement. Unfortunately, no options for particular offers can be given. The offers contain the presence services as described. Additional presence through the placing of advertising material is possible within the context of individual offers. The costs of advertising material, brochures, etc. are not included in the sponsoring price. These materials are to be delivered by the supporter/exhibitor. The used images are only samples and may differ in shape, color, quantity and quality of the final item. Interplan AG is responsible for conducting and/or monitoring the described presence services. Interplan acts as organizer of the industry exhibition and concludes contracts in its own name and on its own account.

2. Allocation of stand space
The allocation of stand positions occurs on a “first come, first served” basis and/or by special agreement. Allocation depends upon the size of the stand, the onsite conditions and the information which you provide on your registration form. We will, of course, endeavor to comply with special requests whenever possible. A binding obligation on our part with regard to the stand’s location and size cannot be derived from this. Based on the information you provide, we will undertake to plan the exhibition accordingly. If you do not provide precise information with regard to your stand’s dimensions and attributes
(e.g. row stand, corner stand, head stand, desired or undesired neighboring stands, etc.), Interplan reserves the right to design your stand’s area slightly larger or smaller, and to plan its area, according to Interplan‘s discretion (see §3 General Terms and Conditions). After the layout has been planned, Interplan sends the floor plan with a list of exhibitors and other detailed information for exhibitors, including order forms for furniture, electricity and stand-cleaning services.

3. Codes of conduct
The organisers would like to have a conflict-free advertising environment and reserve the right to cancel advertising efforts. Supporters and exhibitors are advised to consider the codes of conduct for pharmaceutical and medical companies. Furthermore it is important to adhere to the country-specific compliance regulations on the application of medical devices, for example FSA/AKG/EFPIA, BVmed/Eucomed, EACCME/CME, code of medical ethics of the Local State Chambers of Physicians (national) and provisions of national law, e.g. HWG and provisions of international law. According to the specifications of § 20 (5) of the FSA-Code / AKG-regulations expert groups, we will disclose on request the condition and the extent of the support through the exhibitor / supporter on the announcement as well as during the congress.

4. Entry in congress media
Each exhibitor will be mentioned in the program and on the congress website. Depending upon the scope of services which have been ordered, the supporters will be shown with their logos on the congress’ website and in the program. Please send your firm’s logo in illustration format, jpg. (300 dpi) and eps, in both black-and-white and color, together with the corresponding link address to j.bitzer@interplan.de.

5. Regulations
Supporters and exhibitors are not permitted to stage your own events simultaneously with the congress and in its immediate vicinity unless you have received prior written permission from Interplan AG. If unregistered events jeopardize the congress’ program or its accompanying events, Interplan AG reserves the right to exclude the company responsible for these events from the entire congress.

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